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Welcome to our multi-service FREE STANDING diagnostic imaging facility! 

What does “FREE STANDING” mean for our patients?

  • First and foremost: Most free standing imaging centers are NOT subject to ADDITIONAL fees which may be incurred at a hospital based diagnostic center.

  • Front door FREE parking.

  • Our Physicians and Technologists are here to serve you, and only you.

  • Less wait times than standard hospital based diagnostic centers.


  • Our magnet is the quietest, most intelligent 1.5T unit in the world.

  • 3D images with high resolution

  • The scan area is larger and more shallow which will make you feel more comfortable and less closed in

  • Theater capabilities for  a more relaxing experience


  • Canon's 16-slice CT, which reduces scan time by up to 25% 

  • Produces results with superior resolution in only 10-15 seconds. 

  • 4D reconstruction image capability



  • Ultrasound

  • X-ray

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